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Canada Shipping and Customs Update

As many of you know, we ended the relationship with our previous distributor in Canada and this caused some issues for our Canada stores including some of our higher volume buyers. 

Our main focus is formulating and manufacturing high quality, effective and low waste vegan products. We are not shipping, customs and tax experts but we have had to learn quite a bit to set up the following temporary solution. 

To provide better customs, brokerage and shipping rates to our Canada buyers, we are now piloting a program with all Canada wholesale orders, using a parcel forwarding service. 

How our Canada parcel forwarding service works:

1) Canada buyer places order on our wholesale site. Choose either to pay for shipping or over $1000 USD the shipping is free (limited time special).

2) At time of checkout it will list DHL or Canada Post and show customs/duties are prepaid. (If free shipping, it will only charge for customs/duties.)

2A) The transit time listed will be incorrect, see the next step for why. 

3) We gather orders over a 2-3 week period on pallets. The pallets ship to the Canadian border and cross over, at which point we (No Tox Life) pay the duties, taxes, customs fees, brokerage fees, etc. 

4) You will get a shipping notice. This means your package is now inside Canada and will arrive within a few business days. 

4A) The boxes are transferred to Loomis or Canada Post and delivered to your store inside Canada. When the box(es) arrive to you, no further customs, taxes or fees are due.

5) If shipping or customs or taxes are overpaid we give a credit toward your next order. It is likely the overall shipping costs will be reduced with this system but we need the final invoice from our shipper to determine this, which takes a few weeks.

We are still trying this system out and working out the kinks. Thank you for your patience as we work through this.

If this doesn't work for you:

If you need your order sooner - send us an email along with your order to and we will arrange shipping directly to you via DHL instead of using via the parcel forwarding service. 

Next future steps for us to better help our Canadian stores:

We are working towards establishing a warehouse inside Canada so we can ship from Canada to Canada. Part of the delay on that is figuring out shelf-stable and low waste packaging for certain products such as our shampoo and deodorant, which are currently made fresh and packaged in bulk right before shipping. 

We are actively discussing distribution with a few other Canadian distributors. If you have a favorite distributor please send along the contact to us and also mention to your rep that you'd like them to carry our line. 

Bilingual packaging is also on our radar as one of our next priorities so we can be more accessible for the Canadian market. 

Something to keep in mind for Canada stores:

We are not shipping direct-to-consumer orders to Canada at this time due to extreme delays with small USPS parcels during COVID. This is a good opportunity for you as a Canada seller to be one of the only ways people can purchase our products inside Canada.