How to log into our site and view pricing

How to log into our site and view pricing

This is our wholesale website. You do need an approved email login to see any prices or add products to the cart. If you are coming back after a while or haven't used it before, we made some changes: 

We have updated our site to be passwordless. This means, you do not need a password to get in. All you need is a wholesale account that is marked "approved" on our end. 


To get into the site:

Click "login" or the human icon on the top right of the homepage. 

Enter your email which was approved for wholesale. 

Conditional: if you have a NEW email address, email us directly first so we can mark this new email approved in our wholesale system. Email your account rep or to do that. 

Once you enter your email, you'll get a 6 digit code to your email address. 

Enter the 6 digit code on the login page. 

You're in! You can now see all order history. Then click "Wholesale" on the top right to access the shopping area and see all prices. 

Here is a video showing how to access everything as described above:

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